Monday, September 7, 2009

Teaching Textbooks--Another Kid Loves It!

We added Teaching Textbooks 4 to our curriculum this year, and boy-oh-boy is it a HIT! My son is so happy that he has churned out 18 lessons in two days. :) He keeps coming to me to say how much fun it is, and how much he is learning.

Certainly at the speed of 9 lessons per day, he is getting quite a bit of review so far, but I think that's great. Teaching Textbooks is super easy for my child to use it independently without any problems, does all the grading and record keeping for me, and manages to do it all while bringing a smile to my kid's face. (and mine!)

We are eagerly awaiting the October release of the 3rd grade level of Teaching Textbooks. I've got another kids just raring to go.