Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Something fresh and fun for your homeschool!

In the 17 years since I've been homeschooling my six children, I've found that it is really helpful to bring fresh, fun new resources into the mix in the middle of the school year.  It livens things up and puts a spring in the step of our sweet kiddos, which is great for moms too!

Well, my friend Diane Hurst from Gentle Shepherd curriculum offered to create a special deal just for you guys that I think you will enjoy!  This 3-ebook bundle includes a sweet and simple alphabet and number pictures book, and two different picture and writing books for both younger and older children.  All of these ebooks offer a nice balance of structure, writing prompts, and space for your child's creativity!  If you have little ones that are eager to "do school" or slightly older ones that need something that gives them a little bit of structure while also being creative, these will be *perfect* for you!  I also love it that these ebooks will not use much ink at all, and that you can use them over and over again with all of your children.

Diane has put this set together at a nice big 30%  discount for us, so go on over and check it out.  I can easily imagine how helpful it will be for you in the busy days between now and Thanksgiving to have these fresh pages to occupy your children while you work to prepare for the holiday!  This offer is good til the weekend, so hurry and take advantage of it!