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I'm Erica, and my husband Dave and I have a home-grown tribe of six awesome kids.  We started homeschooling back when our oldest was just a tyke, in 1997.  Since that time we have done a little bit of many approaches, from relaxed schooling to Classical Conversations, eclectic approach to Sonlight, and each of my children has even spent some time in public school.  We have enjoyed each of these for different reasons, in different seasons.

Some of you may know me from my businesses.  Supermom's Health and Wellness has been going since around 2006.  That is my place to share the products that I have found to be both economical and helpful for my family, and I also have ebooks and online classes to help people who want to eat healthier, but don't know where to begin.  Homeschool moms make up the majority of my customers and class members.  No doubt, it is because I understand the unique demands and experiences that we homeschool mom share.  :)

Classical Composers Monthly is my business that I run with my homeschool grad son and my teenage daughter.  We provide resource collections about classical composers and great artists for homeschool families to use with ease.  We began this business in July 2011 and we are enjoying the challenge of creating new and interesting products that fill many voids in the homeschooling world.

You will notice that I'm not a very consistent blogger.  Though I would love to tell you more great things about loving your children and enjoying homeschooling, I am usually too busy doing those things to have time to type about it.  :)  I write when I can, I go in spurts, I share resources that I find helpful (when I have time), and I'm consistently inconsistent with all of that.

I invite you to follow me on our Facebook page, where I do a little better at staying in touch more frequently, and we often have fun discussing homeschooling issues and encouraging one another.

Want to contact me?  You can leave a message on my Facebook page, or send an email to Supermom@SupermomsHealthAndWellness.com.

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