Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Times Tales DVD: Another winner!

As I've been happy to tell about for several years, my boys have really benefited from the Times Tales program. It's quite like magic to them to learn the more difficult multiplication facts so easily. :)

Every so often I realize that they would benefit from a review of the Times Tales stories, but inevitably I would forget to do it. So I was really excited to see the Times Tales DVD coming out.

It arrived yesterday, so today I took advantage of lunch time to have my 4 younger boys watch the video. The two younger ones aren't doing multiplication quite yet and hadn't gone through the program before. The older two have done the program but hadn't had a review for a long time.

They really enjoyed it. My 10 year old said that the DVD was even better than the regular program. My 7 and 9 year olds caught on very quickly and were excited to know the answers to the flash cards in such a short amount of time. :) The graphics, narration, and background music are cheerful and enjoyable, but don't get the kids hyper.

To me, this program is the best both for the fun of the content, and the ease of success for the student. It's great whether you homeschool or not. For me, having one less thing in our day that has to be Mom-Powered is a help. (I know other moms can identify)

I expect that we will get this DVD out every week or two for a quick review while the boys are getting the hang of it, and then on an as-needed basis from there. Highly recommended.

You can watch the Times Tales DVD Video here.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Times Tales DVD!

It's no secret that I love Times Tales for helping kids memorize the trickier multiplication facts. So often I will be observing my kids doing their math and think that I should get out the stuff to review the Times Tales stories with them. A lot of the time I forget to do it. (sigh) Now the Times Tales DVD makes success that much better by reviewing the stories for your child, so you don't have to use any Mom Power to get the job done. Yay!

Clickety click to order your DVD now. It is scheduled to ship Jan. 15, so you get a discounted price for your pre-order. Use coupon code 5MORE! to get an additional 5% off. Sweet!