Thursday, April 2, 2009

Listening to Learn

Do you ever struggle to do all of the read alouds for your curriculum?

Do you want to find a way to redeem the time spent in the car or waiting for appointments?

Are there subject areas where you are finding it difficult to teach your children, or wish you had a tutor available to enhance what you already do?

Would you like to make more great books available to your children?

I know that these are common issues for homeschool moms, and audio resources are a wonderful way to address these needs and make your homeschool better than ever!

I had the fun of getting to review a copy of Amy Blevins' great ebooks Listening to Learn today. Amy has put together this very informative resource full of everything you need to know to get started using audio books and downloads to enhance your homeschool. Amy covers the technical aspects (how to download/upload audio files, what kind of mp3 player do I need), the practical strategies (when to use audio books, what kind of items are available that can enhance what you're already doing), to tons of helpful resources to let you know where to start looking!

Although audio books have been on my radar for a long time, and my children listen to them most nights when they go to sleep, I found so many new ideas in this book for ways to expand what I'm trying to teach my children, ways to introduce them to new topics that may be of interest to them, and ways to use my own time better and be encouraged as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur.

This ebooks has a lot of truly helpful information and creative ideas for getting the most out of audio resources that will save you time, enhance the learning in your home, and expand your reach! I absolutely encourage you to get yourself a copy of this. I think you will love it!

**This is not an affiliate link. I have nothing to gain from promoting this book to you. I just feel strongly that it is a very good resource that will benefit most homeschool moms. :)

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