Sunday, May 3, 2009

Homeschool Inspiration: Sonlight Curriculum

Of all the homeschool curricula I've tried, Sonlight has been the hands-down favorite for me and my children.

My real-life friend Jill Evely is a Sonlight representative and she has a wonderful, inspirational, and informative online workshop that you can listen to for free. It explains how Sonlight works, why a literature-rich curriculum is a great way to learn, and more. I just got done listening to it and it was excellent. Listen here.


Luke said...

I'm so glad to hear that Sonlight is such a great fit!

The workshop link didn't work for me, but Jill is one of the key members of the Sonlight podcasts, so you can listen to her there.


Granola said...

Hey, I just clicked on the link to go listen and it looks like the link might not be working. OR I could just be experience a "spaced-out" moment. It sounds like it would be good to listen to. I'm using Heart of Dakota but I know a lot of people who use Sonlight and I would like to know more. Thank you!