Friday, August 13, 2010

Supercharged Science is So FUN!

I recently learned about Supercharged Science because they were giving away a bunch of fun free science experiments. I really liked the teacher's style, so when I found out that she was offering an online science curriculum, I was very interested. I had already purchases Switched on Schoolhouse Science for the kids, but once my husband started using it he was like, "Ugh. Is there something different we could do?" Yeah. :) So I showed him the Supercharged Science site and he was hooked.

Supercharged Science is an internet-based learning experience with high-quality teaching via video instruction as well as instructions for doing the experiments at home, and textbook type reading you can do as well. Pretty much everything you need to have a fun and successful experience teaching science to your kids.

On day 1 of using the program my boys ages 7-12 were begging me to go get supplies so they could start doing experiments. On Day 2 they made hoovercrafts! They also watched an awesome video that showed them how to fly an airplane! (clickety click here to enjoy it with your own family!)

Check out the FREE Trial! plus be sure to sign up to get additional freebies as well

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Ryan said...

Good morning! My name is Ryan and I'm from Alpha Omega Publications. Thanks for sharing the link to this great science resource!

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