Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Want to watch a Rocket Launch?

One of the new programs my family has been using this year is Supercharged Science. We have loved it SO much. It's an incredible program taught by a lovely gal, Aurora Lipper, who is a real Rocket Scientist, as well as a mechanical engineer, and former professor at Cal Poly University. Even better--she does a *wonderful* job of teaching and engaging homeschool students (and their parents!) through her video classes.

Tomorrow Aurora is offering a *FREE* online tele-class about Rocketry that you and your children are welcome to attend. We have participated in several of Aurora's live tele-classes and they are always awesome, so I'm sure this one will be too. Seriously--my boys ooh and aaah the whole time, and *remember* what they learned, too!

Right after the class, there is a real rocket launch of a Taurus XL rocket that will carry a satellite into orbit. She’s going to give us the live video feed for this so we can have a front row seat. My boys are going to love this!

In order to attend the class you need to register here. Just click on over and get set up!

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