Thursday, June 23, 2011

July 7: Facebook Party and Curriculum Swap!

We are going to try something new and fun on July 7! We'll be having a Facebook party and a curriculum swap from 7-9pm Eastern time.

What's that? Well, I'll tell you.

At 7pm you'll want to join us on the Supermom's Homeschool wall on Facebook. If you haven't "liked" us yet, do it today so you'll be reminded as we get closer to our big event!

The party portion of the event will include:

-door prizes
-drawings, discounts, etc. from various homeschool-related businesses
-and hopefully we will have some experts from some of your favorite curriculum providers on hand to answer your questions!
-hopefully lots of party participants that want to get to know each other and tell about their own favorite blogs, resources, share support and encouragement...whatever!
-and hopefully more stuff that we will figure out between now and then

The curriculum swap is going to work like this:

-If you've got some curriculum item in good condition that you'd like to give away, you can do so.
-If you've got some curriculum needs and see something being offered that you'd like to have, you can ask the giver for it.

Whether or not the giver or receiver will pay shipping, comment on your blog, "like" you on facebook, or whatever else, remains to be seen. I'll be working out the kinks (hopefully) as our party night draws closer.


I'm organizing this facebook party in order to do something fun, increase the amount of fellow homeschoolers in our group, and because I think most of us gals like a swap meet--especially when it comes to clearing our shelves or getting good deals and freebies!

Tell your friends about our facebook page, because that's going to be the "hub" of the party action. Some aspects of the party will be posted about here on the blog as well, so anybody philosophically opposed to facebook can still get in on at least some of the fun. :)

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