Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back to School Time

Ready or not, the time has come! For us, today is the day we start back to school.

No, I did not feel ready.  My To Do list is never-ending.

I did not get everything done over the summer "break" that I had hoped to.

Some friends suggested I put off getting started.  But you know what?  I wouldn't be any more ready in a month than I would be today.

And so, we begin.

First, the fun stuff:  How about some cute printables for the first day of school?  Print 'em out, hand 'em to the kids, and snap a pic.  They'll thank you in 20 years when nobody knows which year it was.  For us, we will always want to know which year was the year that our kid decided to try out being a bottle blonde.  :)  (This site also has Last Day of School printables, so you can plan on that, too.)  (Making note to self to schedule a post for May 1 to remind us all, because....YOU KNOW what will happen, don't you?)

Here are my four sons that are homeschooled.  I love how each picture captures their individual personalities.  Also, it is handy that my school supply organizer will also double as a measurement of their height!

My fresh new blonde son commented that he felt like he was posing for an arrest photo, so we had to get profile shots too:

Today (by 11am)  included:

--first hissy fit (by me)  (If I told you what brought it on, you'd be on my side.  I promise.)  ;)
--first child negotiating for less work to do
--first child tearing up over frustrating school work
--first physical altercation between brothers
--first fantasy of expelling a child from homeschool

But it also included:

--a successful grammar lesson
--everybody learning the ropes of our basic schedule
--everybody getting one or more math lessons done
--chores done
--out to lunch to celebrate Back to School
--and some unexpected thrift store finds!

It is now after 3pm and we are done.  I have been reminded of several things I could have done to make this morning go more smoothly and I will be writing about that soon.  Even (especially?) on the days that are not ideal, there is much for MOMS to learn about how we could help facilitate more peace, joy, and love in our homes!

One way or another, it's gonna be a good year!


really.truly said...

Love this post! Could relate on so many levels :)

Mayre Jayne said...

Love the back to school signs! I hope you guys have a great school year. Keep us in mind if you want to do a field trip! Love you all. Nana Mary