Monday, October 20, 2008

Counting Coins

We have a large jar of coins that we have been adding to for years. We first started it as our "Disney fund" because the kids said they wanted to go to Disney World. One day I got the kids gathered around the table and we sorted, stacked, and counted all the money, and then put it into coin wrappers. This is such a good, fun, practical way to reinforce math concepts with a wide age range of kids:

The littlest ones get counting practice
The older ones get skip counting practice
They can also get lots of multiplication and addition practice
And don't forget the manual dexterity that it takes to handle all of those coins and put them in the coin wrappers!

And it's just a fun time to listen to some music, talk, laugh, and feel rich. :)

Before we got started we wrote down our estimation of how much money there would be in the jar. Guesses ranged from something around $8 on up to $60. We were all pretty excited to see that we ended up with $82 wrapped, plus a lot more that we had run out of wrappers for!

Now we plan to take a trip over to the bank to open a special savings account for our Disney trip. $82 down and thousands to go......

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