Monday, October 27, 2008

Teaching Textbooks--We Love It!

My daughter used Horizons math last year, and although she was able to do it, she did not enjoy it. When we found out about Teaching Textbooks this year, we were very interested. This math curriculum comes with computer CDs that feature a human voice speaking and teaching the lesson, with graphics and words on the screen. All of the lesson problems can be entered right into the computer program (which is great because the consumable text is quite large), and the student gets immediate feedback about whether or not their answer was correct. The student can also choose to get an explanation of the problem if they did not understand it, and can get hints if they need help.

At the end of each lesson there is a cute little celebratory animation, such as penguins doing the limbo, or animal characters dancing in a conga line. Very cute and entertaining.

The best part of all was that my daughter LOVES the program. She was so excited about it, squealing "I just LOOOOVE this! It's so fun! I want to do math like this all the time!" She did 7 lessons in a row. :)

It was really easy to install, and best of all, it works on our older laptop, which is a major plus since she won't have to get onto one of the computers that is in use more often.

It has been about 4-5 months since my daughter started using Teaching Textbooks and we are still loving it. She is getting the kind of instruction she had been wanting, and I have a built-in helper to tutor and teach my daughter math. It is a big help to me to know that she is getting what she needs, and I have one less thing to have to be totally hands-on about. :)

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