Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Homeschool Bloggers? You Will Like This.

It's no secret that in addition to this modest little blog, I do a few other things, like running Classical Composers Monthly and Supermom's Health and Wellness.  So, naturally, I'm always keeping up on tools and resources that can help me keep all the plates spinning as much as possible.  Even if you're focus is on homeschooling + blogging, there's a lot to keep up on if you want to do it well!

For many years I've utilized the materials, membership site, and classes offer by Kelly McCausey of Solo Smarts.  She has a ton of practical and affordable stuff to help with business, blogging, podcasting, and much more!

Her latest program is one I bought the minute it was available, and I'm excited about it!  (you will be too)  While I often pass along articles of interest to my facebook peeps, I've not often taken the time to write more about why I liked them.  Kelly's program, Smart Curation Skills, has helped me see how I could effectively *and efficiently* keep a pulse on the issues and topics I'm interested in (without getting sucked into chasing down a million blogs and getting bogged down) and later turn them into blog posts where I could share my reactions, responses, and insights into blog content.  PLUS this allows my blog to become a place where I can share the great stuff that's touching my heart and making a difference in my life with others.

Right now Kelly is having a big affiliate contest, which is what nudged me to go ahead and let you know about this, though it honestly *was* on my To Blog About list for about a week (since I got my copy of Smart Curation Skills and realized, "Hey!  I need to tell the other homeschool bloggers about this!").  I'm not a big-time blogger (I'm barely a small-time blogger) so I don't expect that there is any chance at all that I could come close to winning Kelly's contest, but I did want to get this info out to you  regardless.  Just her one tip about using an RSS aggregator and learning how it could benefit me has already been fabulous for me in just a week!  (and when I first heard her describe it I didn't even think I would like it!  Ha.  I was wrong.)

I know that a lot of homeschool moms are blogging, and a lot of you wouldn't mind making money while you do.  Go see what Kelly has to offer.  I bet there's something you'd like to do that she can help you with!

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