Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rapturous Love for Fancy Hands

I'm SO PSYCHED about this service!  Fancy Hands is a thousand personal assistants waiting to do your bidding.  Between my busy life as a mom and a business person, there are always at least several phone calls/research items/etc. that I need to get done but haven't gotten around to yet.  (or things I need to do but am avoiding or just plain don't want to do)  After learning about Fancy Hands, I had to give it a try.

I signed up last night and promptly added 6 tasks to my account.  I woke up with most of them DONE.  (The ones that I'm waiting for have to be done later in the day during someone else's business hours.)  Honestly, I feel awesome to know that I can cross so many niggling details right off of my list and move forward.

Things Fancy Hands did/will do for me today:

--call two dentists to get info on a specific service I need, whether or not they take our insurance, if they are taking new patients, etc.  (This task alone has been waiting, not tackled by me, for probably 6 months or longer!)

--call my son to help him with an ipod problem that was draining my sanity

--created a printable list of low-glycemic foods for me

--did several different business research tasks for me that would have taken me quite awhile to do

I can see how Fancy Hands would be great for all sorts of people:

--homeschool moms who are trying to research a particular service or curriculum, want to track down free resources, need to order and ship gifts or school supplies, want to comparison shop for curriculum/educational toys/contact lenses/whatever, and tons of other stuff that we all have on our To Do list but is weighing us down and never getting done

--busy parents and professionals who have too many phone calls to make and things to check into  (need to find a violin teacher?  gymnastics class?  summer camp?  orthodontist appointment?  estimate on your HVAC?  pick-your-own apple orchard?)

--anyone trying to buy or sell a house or relocate (so many calls/things to research/etc, like finding school and activity options, churches, new doctors, taking care of getting new utilities set up, etc.)

--parents trying to navigate colleges, financial aid, or other services  (find out when they have prospective student visit weekends, track down scholarship opportunities, take care of paperwork, find answers to questions that are frustrating you, learn if the colleges you are considering will accept CLEP credits or transfer credits from a community college, etc.)

--business people who want to outsource simple tasks very inexpensively, rather than tie up your more skilled assistant with little stuff  (making reservations, adding items to your calendar, scheduling appointments and meetings, doing research for you)

--small business owners that need an assistant, but not by the hour  (a quick item needing to be handed off to someone else and doesn't require your expertise)

So, anyhoo, that's my testimonial for today.  I LOVE to get stuff done, and Fancy Hands has made me a very happy camper in less than 12 hours.  I'm hooked.  You should try it.  Since I referred you, you'll get an even AWESOMER deal of 50% off your first month!  (and, yes, I'll get a credit on my account, too)  It's a great deal and I bet you will LOVE it!  Make a little list of things you can hand off to Fancy Hands to take care of for you, and then set it up and start smiling.

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