Thursday, July 7, 2011

Facebook Party Free For All: Classical Composers Monthly

I have always enjoyed classical music and wanted to share it with my children, but with the busy pace of life and the limits to the homeschooling budget, I never got around to any sort of organized way to do it. Inevitably, the various CDs I had on hand were forgotten and unused.

My oldest son Micah and I decided to create a simple way for families just like ours to learn about and appreciate the work of classical music composers without a big expense and with little-to-no prep time for the mom. The result is Classical Composers Monthly!

Micah and I have scoured the internet for the very best resources we could find, and have packaged them up in a simple, accessible way that doesn't require any special technical knowledge. It saves busy homeschools moms a ton of time and frustration, and gets the kids engaged quickly and easily.

You are all welcome to check out our collection about George Frideric Handel for FREE! There are a bunch of videos, audios, ebooks, and more to help you and your children get to know him and his work!


Diane said...

This looks like a convenient way to have classical music resources easily available. Because the one you're showing is Handel, I was reminded of a really fun video I saw last winter with a creative way of going through the Halelujah chorus-- here's a link:

Lesa McMahon said...

Is it $9.95 per month or for the whole year?

Supermom said...

$9.95 for the entire year. :)