Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Time to Party!

Welcome to the Supermom's Homeschool Facebook Party and Curriculum Swap!

I am so glad you decided to join us tonite.

How to party, Facebook style:

1. Watch the Supermom's Homeschool wall as much as you can throughout the party. You may want to open secondary windows in order to get involved with the prize drawings and other fun activities that we will have happening.

You'll want to *refresh* your page frequently, because new posts will be coming up all the time.

Introduce yourself in your own post on the wall!

Say hello to others.

We will have some special guests from various homeschool-related businesses with us, and you will be able to ask them questions about what their business has to offer, or about their area of expertise! So once you see them introduce themselves, just jump in and start talking!

2. In order to participate in the curriculum swap, you need to have an item that you want to give to someone else for FREE. (if you need the person receiving the item to pay for shipping, that's ok) Please read the details on how to participate in the swap HERE and go ahead and get started on it!

Please do not post items that you have for sale. We are going to have enough going on at the group wall without adding that level of chaos. :)

3. Prize giveaways and special offers will be announced throughout the party. We have so many that they will be rolling out pretty fast. There will be a fresh FB post for the group when each one starts, so follow the clickety-click link to read the fine print and try to win yourself some fun stuff! Be sure to include your email address in every entry so we can reach you!

4. Tell your friends! Go post on your own facebook status to let others know about what we've got going on. The more, the merrier!

5. The party will end at 9pm Eastern time. If you win a prize, you will be notified by email, assuming that you left an email with your entry. (Don't forget!)

6. If you have any questions, post it on the group wall and I will do my best to answer promptly!

**If something crazy happens, like my internet service goes kaput or a meteor drops on my house, here's what I want you to do: Just keep going. Refresh this here blog page. Each and every giveaway is scheduled to show up here every 5 minutes from 7:05 to 8:30pm. Just have fun with it, talk to each other, ask questions of our business representatives, tell about your own homeschooling life, swap your stuff! I know it won't be the same without my cheerful chatter, but I'm sure you can all get along with out me. You know. If you *had* to. ;)

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